Artisjus Award to Máté Balogh and Bence Kutrik

Artisjus Award to Máté Balogh and Bence Kutrik

Society Artisjus (Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors’ Rights) annually awards the most outstanding classical music works of the previous year. The Classical Composition of the Year award in 2023 was won by two works created and presented last year:  Máté Balogh's Sinfonia No. 1 and Bence Kutrik's choral work Song on a Spring Evening.

"Nowadays, it is not fashionable to write a symphony,"  claims Tünde Szitha in her praise of Sinfonia. "Anyone who undertakes something like this can hardly avoid starting a dialogue with the past. It also takes courage for someone, after the great works of the classics and romantics, to feel that they have something to say that they can add to the sounds of the vast repertoire of symphonies. Máté Balogh's electrifyingly imaginative and beautiful music amply and convincingly met this challenge, and thus deserves to be played by many and many more people."

Gyula Bánkövi had this to say about Bence Kutrik's choral work composed in memory of his father: "Gyula Juhász's lines gave the composer solace in grief. The sudden, sincere meeting was followed by a magical choral work, which is now performed not only by the world-famous Cantemus Choir, but also by other choirs, even though it is not even one year old."

UMP Editio Musica Budapest is proud to have published both award-winning works and congratulates the award-winning composers.