Bence Kutrik was born on 27 March 1976 in Budapest.

He studied composition between 2003 and 2010 in San Francisco and at the University of Toronto, and then graduated from the Department of Composition at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music as a student of János Vajda. His ensemble piece Ritual was chosen a Recommended Work at the 2018 International Rostrum of Composers. With his solo piano composition Introverted Confessions, he won first place at the Anton Matasowsky composer competition in 2018.

He has won several concert and film music awards abroad and in Hungary, and is a founding member of the STUDIO5 contemporary music group in Hungary. 

His works in our catalogue

Rituale (2017), ensemble, 9'

Puer natus (2020), mixed voices, 5'30"

Two choir songs on János Lackfi's Kisjuli poems (2022), female or children's voices, 6'


Song on a Spring Evening on a poem by Gyula Juhász (2022), mixed voices, 5'30"