László Sándor was born in Budapest, on 13 August 1975. He graduated as a violin teacher and a chamber artist from the Liszt Academy in 1998. During his student years he studied composition in an autodidact way, until he passed into the composition class in Liszt Academy in 2012. His teacher of composition was Zoltán Jeney. From 2014 he has been a DLA student in the Doctoral School of Liszt Academy, under the supervision of János Bali. Sándor has acquired his degree of DLA in 2021. Sándor's research field is the 15th century music, especially Du Fay's oeuvre. Recently he is a part-time lecturer of the Doctoral School of Liszt Academy.

Sándor has won several awards in Hungarian and international composition competitions. He has been prize winner several times at New Hungarian Composition Forum Budapest (UMZF)  between 2011 and 2017. His ensemble piece A Flower... won Special Awards granted by UMP Editio Musica Budapest. His orchestral piece Et transfiguratus est, performed by the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, has been chosen within the first 10 and recommended for international radio broadcasts in the 62nd International Rostrum of Composers, Tallinn. Sándor often gives lectures in the Library of Budapest Music Center on medieval music. He is also a frequent participant of Hungarian contemporary music-events and gives single concerts as well. Sándor's music is focusing on the spiritual aspects of composition. He frequently uses liturgical materials, plainchant melodies, likewise, he builds medieval techniques in his compositional methods.

His works in our catalogue:

A Flower -- to be added to Ferenc Liszt’s birthday bouquet (2010) for ensemble

Ha folyóvíz... (2013) for viola

Ha folyóvíz... (2013) for cello


For more information see: http://sandor-laszlo.hu