Biography in Headwords

1987 born in Szeged (Hungary).

2003-2007 Studies as composer and as violinist at his native city and in Budapest.

2007-2012 Studied composition at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music with Zoltán Jeney and violin with István Kertész.

Attended master classes and seminars of Gyula Csapó, Johannes Schöllhorn (2008), Nigel Osborne (2009, 2010), Krzysztof Penderecki (2010), Larry Polansky (2011) Louis Andriessen (2012) and Fabio Nieder (2012)

Since 1912 - Postgraduate studies at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome with Matteo D’Amico and Giorgio Nottoli.

As violinist and violist he often plays classical and contemporary music with chamber ensembles such as THReNSeMBle, Ludium Ensemble, Rondo Quartet and Classicus Ensemble (ensemble in residence at Central European University in Budapest)

2011 QuatreQuatuors won the 1st prize at the chamber ensemble category of New Hungarian Music Forum Composer Competition in Budapest.

2012 Ach Gott und Herr for chamber orchestra won the 1st prize of chamber music category at the „Towards the Next 100 Years” Composer Competition of the Koncerthaus in Vienna.

2012 MOON-ZOOM for string quartet - commissioned and premiered as compulsory piece of the 1st International  Sándor Végh String Quartet Competition

His works in our catalogue

QuatreQuatuors (2011)for chamber ensemble, 14’

Short Pieces for Recorders (2012), in the anthology Introduction to the avantgarde music